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Short Term Plans

A Short Term Plan is the best way to get health insurance coverage if you missed either Open Enrollment or if you do not have a Qualifying Life Event outside of Open Enrollment.

So then why get a Short Term Plan? The reason is simple. It is important to NOT have any gaps in medical coverage, especially if the unthinkable happens.

A Short Term Plan will cover you in the event of a serious accident/injury or illness. Paying for this without insurance is nearly impossible for nearly everybody. Short Term Plans of course also cover basic medical services, and if you see the doctor more than a couple of times, the plan would most likely pay for itself.

Short Term Plans, as the name suggests, are meant to be a temporary solution. The length of your coverage can be anywhere from 30 days to a maximum of 12 months. Some carriers offer discounts if you get a plan that is longer in length. Either way, you should ask yourself how long you think you will need a Short Term Plan before you purchase one. You should consider how much time there is until the next Open Enrollment Period or when you think you might have a Qualifying Life Event.

Short Term Plans are sometimes referred to as “Private Insurance” because some of the rules are similar to how health insurance was before the Affordable Care Act. The main one is that you can be denied coverage for preexisting conditions. Also, government subsidies do not apply to Short Term Plans. The good news is that some carriers are less strict and may even specialize in insuring those with preexisting conditions. The plans in general are inexpensive, so the lack of subsidies is not a deal breaker.

Either way, is connected to virtually every Short Term Plan offered. Start comparing plans now so you can find the best coverage at the lowest rate possible!

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