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  1. Popularity Among ObamacareUSA.org Consumers: The ObamacareUSA.org Popularity Rating is based on the choices of over 15MM consumers that ObamacareUSA.org services every year. We measure consumer’s propensity to interact with providers and determine their popularity based on these interactions.

  2. Consumer Satisfaction: We survey our consumers on a quarterly basis. This rating is based on the previous survey’s result of the consumer’s satisfaction with the provider.

  3. Size of Carrier: We use recent enrollment numbers to gauge the provider’s reach and popularity.

  4. Type of Provider: We think it’s important you know what type of provider you are working with. Carriers and large brokers generally receive a higher rating than smaller brokers and other types of quote providers.

  5. Provider’s Online Quoting Capabilities: We know that being able to see quotes and check out with a plan online can save you time. We’ve created this special rating to help determine whether a provider has an easy to use online system or not.